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Applicazioni Satiplugs


In the specific sector Vending it is suggested the use of: two pole plugs with earth to choose based on the country of destination.

For further details refer to the product section.


The electrical cables  recommended are:

round PVC  H03VV-F and  H05VV-F 60 °  suitable for home and office environments
Rubber H05RR-F Neoprene H05RN-F  and H07RN-F


Suitable for public  places , plants  or in any case where it is possible to make contact with oil or other corrosive substances

The sections of the electrical cables recommended are:- 1 mm ² - 1.5mm ²- 2,5mm ²

We suggest for the European market the use of the Splash Proof schuko plug our article CL / A for outdoor installations protected from weather

PVC cables can’t  be used outside.

Rubber cables according to applications.

Neoprene cables  usable outside with weatherproof protection.